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The laser opto-electronic oscillator with ultra lower level of the spectral density power of phase noise


A. A. Bortsov

Article is devoted the decision to an actual problem of radio physics – to creation of the low noise oscillator of the microwave oven of a range with limiting characteristics of spectral density of capacity of phase noise at offset 1–10 кHz In article theoretical and experimental studying of the low noise laser oscillator (OEO) with not dispersive and dispersive fiber-optical line of a delay as systems of two oscillators of optical and radio-frequency ranges is spent. The main features the OEO are considered: suppression of phase noise in system fiber optic delay line , influence on phase noise of width of a spectral line of radiation of the laser of a rating, optical capacity of the laser and delay size in fiber optic delay line . Influence of dispersion fiber optic delay line on a spectrum of a radio-frequency signal the OEO is analysed. It is shown that the OEO is the radio-frequency oscillator with ultralow level of spectral density of phase noise (level – 140D bc/Hz on frequency of generation 10 GHz at offset 1 кHz).

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