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Identification the Characteristic Functions Show an Anomaly Probability Distribution


I. N. Rusiaev, N. N. Rusiaev

The Way of Identification Characteristic Function of the Empirical Probability Distribution previously introduced is discussed. It is shown the two new classes of characteristic functions in Chinchin's and Linnic's classes. They are the function continuation on parameter out of ordinary region, in region . The new type probability distributions are shown there. New property in new region has shown. The multi stable probability density function (PDF) in Chinchin's class is more physically realistic. The metafractal PDF are detected in the function continuation Linnic's class initially. Comprehensive study need for this phenomenon, but it is clear, this phenomenon as metafractal is universal. The full set the solutions for the probability identification problem are shown. In terse and clear words the PDF may be not only as a fractal or analytically boarded or with many branches. New feature as singularities in probability distributions have to be investigated. The first step is briefly presented. The Linnic's class of PDF expanded in region is situated in two narrow tapes which isolated from abscissa axis. Generally such unusual PDF are need for full set roots for the identification probability problem solving.

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