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Experimental Research and Imitating Model Dynamics of System Remote Control by Experiment in the Multiuser Mode


Yu. K. Evdokimov, A. Sh. Salahova

Development of network information technologies has led to intensive development of methods of the remote and distributed management. The basic component in a contour of management of such systems is the network. Quality and an opportunity of managerial processes through a network in a mode of real time is defined by characteristics of time of delays. In connection with that numerous researches of the network traffic testify that it is characterized by property of self-similarity, research self-similar properties of an information stream of the data, an estimation of influence a stream of inquiries about characteristics of telecommunication systems of remote control by experiment is obviously necessary, at various operating modes, for the adequate description and modelling of the given class of systems. The purpose of work is reception of experimental time characteristics of dynamics of system of remote control (SRC) in the multiuser mode, estimations of productivity SRC at various operating modes, research self-similar properties of the network traffic and construction of model SRC allowing statistically to reproduce behaviour SRC. On the basis of experimental statistics of work SRC in the multiuser mode distributions of delays of service of a stream of inquiries in various types of networks (local and global) have been received. These results show, that the processes proceeding in systems of remote control, self-similar and render essential influence on time characteristics. The correlation analysis and Hill estimation have shown, that the information stream of the data in a contour of remote control has long-term dependence. The imitating model allows to receive estimations and characteristics of dynamics of service of telecommunication systems of remote control by experiment in view of long-term memory of an information stream of the data.
May 29, 2020

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