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About Some Problems of the Theory of Controllability


Yu.M. Semenov

The moment of full controllability of quite controlled system is understood as the bottom side of the time’s moments since which the set of controllability of system coincides with all phase space. The calculation problem of the full controllability’s moment long time wasn't exposed to research, because to it was not visible the approach. The solving of this problem is important at research of a stabilization problem of controlled systems with unilaterally limited controls. In article the formulation of the theorem playing a key role at the solving of this problem is given, and references to articles in which the theory of the solving of this problem is resulted are given and corresponding examples are disassembled. In article it is resulted a method and the illustrating it elementary example of reduction problem’s dimension and search of the control translating any point of phase space of linear controlled system with constant coefficients in the beginning of coordinates.

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