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Dynamic of Automatic Regulation System with Controlled Rectifiers and Direct Current Motors


A.G. Ivanov

The structure «controlled rectifier – the direct current motor» is system with discrete-continuous control in which object of regulation (engine), sensors and regulators are elements of continuous action, and the controlled rectifier – the nonlinear-pulse device. In known works of O.V. Slezhanovsky, V.P. Shipillo, A.D. Pozdeev, etc. the analysis of dynamics of similar systems was spent without a kind of pulse transients in a contour of regulation of engine’s current. In this article the analysis of automatic regulation system’s dynamics of structure «controlled rectifier – motor» taking into account aperiodic nonlinear-pulse character of transients in a current contour is made. The analysis is spent with use of a method of z-transformations taking into account nonlinearity of controlled rectifier’s characteristics and the pulsation’s factor of signals. Various optimization criteria of automatic regulation system are considered and the technique of synthesis of system «controlled rectifier – motor» taking into account nonlinear-pulse character of processes in a current contour is developed. It is shown that for maintenance of aperiodic character of processes in a current contour the equivalent electromagnetic time-constant Teq of a contour should be more the than the discrete period of controlled rectifier, i.e. Teq > Т.

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