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Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Multiphase Pulse Buck Converter


G.A. Belov, J.M. Semenov, A.B. Malyshev

Based on the circuit analysis of the m-phase pulse buck converter, differential equations are obtained in the vector-matrix form for two adjacent recurrent time ranges. Due to an introduction of the vector considering a process cyclical nature in the converter, these equations are right at any number of phases and different real combinations of power transistors in a certain time range. Solutions of differential equations that allow to implement fast algorithms of calculations of transients with the help of the method of fitting are set. The average structural model similar to a well-known structural model of single-phase converter is proved. However, this model does not give an answer to the question about an output current distribution among phases and doesn’t depend on the current distribution. The proposed mathematical model is used to determine ripple amplitudes of the output voltage and harmonic components of the input current. Thus, the given formulas for a calculation of ripple amplitudes and their harmonic components of the input current cover as special ceases earlier received results of other authors. So it is a confirmation of accuracy and regularity of proved mathematical models in this article.

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