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New polymeric kompozicionnye material on base polipropilen with perfected physico-mechanical characteristic


S. S. Pekar’, S. Yu. Khashirova, A. K. Mikitaev

The use of polymeric composite materials in demanding conditions makes the problem of giving them a high resistance to fire. At the present stage of development of polymer chemistry, this problem has comprehensive search system highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems that reduce the flammability of polymer materials – flame retardants. As a result, the modern search for new systems that reduce the flammability of plastics, aims to develop environmentally friendly flame retardants. One possible way to create organic materials with low flammability is the use of borate and phosphate complexes of guanidine with methacrylic acid. In this paper we investigate the possibility of improving resistance to burning, physical and mechanical properties of high-density polyethylene (PE) by mixing in the melt with the organoclay, which is a Ca-and Na-form of montmorillonite modified with borate complexes of guanidine with methacrylic acid (complex 1) and guanidine phosphate with methacrylic acid (complex 2). Boron compounds are good catalysts for the dehydration reaction at temperatures below 300 – 350 ° C, while above this temperature catalyze the polymerization reaction. All these properties of boric anhydride contributed to a significant reduction of flammability of materials and reduce soot formation. In addition, water vapor displace oxygen from the combustion zone. Phosphorus flame retardants are virtually the only substances capable of preventing decay after the cessation of burning materials to reduce the possibility of secondary fires them, as the carbonized layer containing phosphorus, highly resistant to prolonged heating. Thus, the possibility of applying the set of modified montmorillonite complexes of borate and phosphate guanidine with methacrylic acid as an effective filler in polyolefins, reduce flammability and improve the physical and mechanical properties of the composites.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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