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The indicative systems as a basis of Vologda region sustainable development


A.V. Lazar

The article is devoted to Vologda region sustainable development. In the current economical situation the problem of region sustainable development is important. The solving of this problem can overcome the negative consequences of World eco-nomical crisis and advance the ability of crisis withstand in future. Vologda region development describes the economical rises. At the same time there are a lot of problems showing the fluctu-ation of economical development. Some of these problems are: demographic situation deterioration, harmful ecological situation, weak economic diversification. For region sustainable development analyze the system of indicative is offered. This one correspond international rates of sustainable development indicatives. All indicatives are divided into three directions each of which characterizing certain field of development: social indicatives, ecological indicatives, economical indicatives. The main point for the sustainable region development in all fields is the economical rise. This one is based mainly on manu-facturing activity in iron and steel industry and chemical sector. At the same time there is no development in such areas as timber industry and agriculture. The region economic is characterize fluctuation diversification For providing the sustainable development of Vologda region is necessarily: to improve the structure of economy based on diversification, to stimulate the demographic increase, to develop the key industries (iron and steel industry and chemical sector).
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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