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Nanotech`s perspectivity as priority direction of innovative development of Russian economy


S.A. Antonov, K.N. Sergeeva, N.S. Kukanova

This article is devoted to the prospects of nanotechnology industry as a priority area of innovative development of Russian economy. Priorities for the development of science, technology and engineering should become a key element in enhancing the efficiency of budget spending on research and development, providing a significant acceleration of economic growth, the growth of high-tech sectors, improving the competitiveness of the Russian economy, technology security. Authors discussed the main directions of research in the field of science and technology in the XIX-XI centuries. In order to determine the state of knowledge-intensive industries, examples of technological evolution in the perspective areas of science, technology and engineering of Russia are analyzed. The analysis showed that Russia is present at different stages of key research in the field of radio and information and communication systems, alternative energy, nanotechnology and genetic engineering. Russian researchers involved in basic and applied research in the field of nanotechnology, which is indicative of a certain scientific reserve of the Russian science, which is expedient and perspective to develop. It is considered that nanotech can become the base of scientific and technical revolution in XXI century. For Russia, participation in global competition is a way to reduce the backlog in technological development from the countries-leaders, moreover, that there are both financial and intellectual potential in the country today. Authors consider that nanotechnology in terms of application and implementation of the final product with attractive features for the consumer, but it is also reasonable to develop the historically proven areas of Russian science and economy, namely the MIC, electronics, agriculture, on which can be formed prerequisites for sustainable development.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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