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Auto tracking loop of air targets while combined electronic and mechanical control


А.А. Razin, A.N. Titov

The particular complication for the modern multifunctional radar control stations of fire control air complexes is the expansion of the scanning and tracking area in the range of viewing angles up to ±1200 relative to the carrier axis. One of the ways to solve the specified task is to combine the electronic and mechanical beam scanning. Such an integration of the control modes allows the significant expansion of the operating range of on-board RCS in angular coordinates while detecting and tracking of air and ground targets. Being shown is the availability of the combined method of the antenna beam control in the following applications: in the stabilization control loop – upon the principle of analog-discrete system of the hydraulic drive automatic control, in the angle tracking loop – upon the principle of digital discrete system with the electronic beam scanning. The developed algorithms are intended to compensate the delay in the analog-discrete stabilization control loop by means of the mathematical recalculation and the corresponding correction while the electronic method of the phased antenna array beam control. Upon the estimation of the external-trajectory measurements the theta-theta system can be ranked to advanced high-precision systems. Systematic and mean-square errors of the angular measurements do not exceed 0.05 – 0.1 of the antenna pattern width.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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