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Non-Linear Resonance and Oscillation Stability of Semiconductor Laser Modulation Process by Microwave Signals


Yu. I. Alekseev

There are some reasons of instability of modulation process of semiconductor laser beam by microwave signals. The problem appears when it is designing of basic electronic elements and devices for the some optical communication systems. It is discussed an oscillation stability of semiconductor laser modulation process by microwave signals. Investigation of modulation process based on rate laser equations. Complex differential equation was received. We oversimplified equation according the rules for rough oscillatory system. The equation was received such as Duffing differential equation is. The gain-frequency characteristic was received according solution of differential Duffing equation. It is possible to see non-liner resonance in the characteristic, which is a reason of hysteresis and qualitative leap in the system behavior. The Stoker’s map was used for oscillation stability investigation.
May 29, 2020

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