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Spatial Polarizing Filters, Transformers of a Field Polarization and Polarizing Manipulators Based on Printed Reflectarrays


A. O. Kasyanov, V. A. Obukhovets

The problem of microstrip diffraction arrays application is considered as converters of electromagnetic waves polarization and polarizing modulators. Two directions in development of an antenna engineering are considered in this report. In each of them the scattering fields control of an antenna arrays allows essentially to expand functionalities of radio engineering sets. The first direction is the creation of auxiliary depolarizing reflectors for two-mirror antennas. The second direction is connected to application of antenna arrays for a reduction of a radar cross section of the radar-tracking targets. Transformation of a field polarization by an antenna array allows to achieve both these purposes. In an aspect of high cost and complexity of arrays experimental researches as a method of the analysis the mathematical simulation is selected. The given results can be used for choosing the most of rational electrodynamic structure geometry variant at decision of particular problems by antennas engineering. The possible flat arrays based on printed complicated shape elements application area is also discussed and it's shown these arrays are the very attractive type for controllable radioelectronic covers designing at microwaves. Some numerical results presented prove the possibility of a printed reflectarrays application as smart covers microwave modules.
May 29, 2020

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