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Electrodynamic Analysis of Nano-Antennas of Millimeter and Optic Range


A. L. Lerer, G. P. Sinyavski

Electrodynamics models and radiophysical properties of carbon nanotubes  vibrators (isolated on the substrate lattices), metallic optical antennas and optical antennas, formed from ZnO nanorods coated with metal films were developed and investigated. The models are based on numerically  analytical solution of integrodifferential equations describing the diffraction of electromagnetic waves on impedance and dielectric bodies. Using the integral representations of the kernels of integrodifferential equations allowed to overcome the difficulties of solution, associated with the singularity of kernels and to reduce the computation time for an order. The results of investigations of carbon nanotube-vibrators in millimeter and submillimeter wavelength ranges an of metallic nanovibrators and nanocrystals  vibrators, coated with metallic films in optical range are presented. In millimeter and submillimeter ranges there are resonances on amplitude-frequency characteristics at length of CNT-vibrator much less than wavelength in a vacuum. The increase of nanoantenna’s length leads to the increase of number of resonances in the frequency range under investigation and to the decrease of radiation efficiency. Properties of CNT-nanoantennas become close to properties of conventional metallic vibrator. The possibility of creation of directional optical antenna consisting of finite grating of planar nanovibrators was shown.
May 29, 2020

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