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The Accuracy of Objects Direction Finding in Super-Broadband Passive and Active Radar-Location Systems


S.N. Razin´kov, О.E. Popova

On the basis of the power equations for radio channels and operational transformations of non-harmonic processes to antenna-feeding paths and entrance chains of receivers the dispersion of objects direction finding in super-broadband systems passive and active radio-location is estimated. The estimation of angular coordinates of objects in radar-location systems by results of measurement of time of arrival of their signals in spatially carried radio channels is carried out. The bearing as a direction on a point of intersection of the beams constructed of positions of measuring instruments on a difference of the moments of reception of wave processes is defined. It is shown that the dispersion of a bearing of sources of signals with exponential bending around surpasses values, achievable at an estimation of directions on radiators of rectangular radio impulses, at the expense of smaller duration of transients of excitation of reception aerials. The share of energy of the signals arriving on the processing device, decreases in process of reduction of overlapping of ranges of definition of their spectral density and transfer function of a reception path to proportionally absolute values in the second degree. Work contains 1 table and 7 bibliographic sources of the information.

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