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Polarization Effects in Monopulse Direction-Finder with Spatial Jamming Compensation


V.I. Karpuhin, S.V. Kozlov, V.I. Sergeev

Consideration of options for constructing systems of spatial-polarization process in monopulse direction-finder, designed for the reception of desired signals with a priori known polarization with varying degrees of differences in the polarization characteristics of the receiving channels. For the option of monopulse direction-finder with a fixed polarization receiving channels analysis of the influence’s degree of the fairing and process variations setting angles receiving elements for jamming compensation and measurement accuracy of angular coordinates. It is shown that the polarization characteristics of receiving channels within the overall antenna array or similar in design solutions and identically oriented arrays with sufficiently large (tens or hundreds) of those elements will be close to each other. The presence of a flat dome in the same way changes the polarization characteristics of the receiving channels, without affecting the correlation coefficient of chaotic polarized jam at their outputs. Using an aerodynamic fairing significantly affect the quality of compensation and calls for doubling the required number for the source of randomly polarized jam of the receiving channels. The results can be used to justify requirements and defining the parameters monopulse direction-finders with adaptive spatial jamming compensation and simulation of radio equipment and systems containing these meters. In the manuscript 13 pages of the text, 4 drawings and 10 references to information sources contain.

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