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The Maximum Likelihood Detection and Estimation of a Direction of Arrival and Amplitude of Intensity of a Radio-Wave by Means of a Multichannel Radio Direction Finder with Antenna System of Any Configuration


I. S. Dmitriev, M. P. Slichenko

In article as much as possible plausible algorithm of detection, an estimation of a direction of arrival and amplitude of intensity of a flat monochromatic radio-wave by a multichannel radio direction finder with any configuration of antenna system is offered. The considered algorithm assumes formation in each supervision of a matrix of mutual capacities Wr of pressure on exits of elements the antenna array with calculation of an estimation of amplitude of intensity of a field of a wave in the given supervision and the subsequent summation of the given matrixes in a series of supervision with individual weight factors. As a result of a supervision series decision function M(θ) which depends on the saved up matrix of mutual capacities W, correlation matrix led to exits of antenna system of noise and the vector complex diagramme of an orientation of antenna system is formed. As much as possible plausible estimation of a direction of arrival of a radio-wave is by means of global maximisation of decision function on parametre θ. By results of comparison of the found global maximum of decision function the decision on presence or absence in all series is made. In case of decision-making on presence of a taken the bearings wave in all series characteristics of accuracy of the received estimations are defined. By averaging of estimations of amplitude of intensity of the wave, received in each supervision, the total estimation of amplitude of intensity of a field of a wave is calculated. In linear approach the received estimations are not displaced. The generated solving rule, fair for any structure and a configuration of antenna system of a direction finder under condition of use of the vector diagramme of orientation characterising given antenna system, and also for any structure of a correlation matrix of the noise representing led exits of antenna system both external, and internal noise of a direction finder. Work contains 4 bibliographic sources of the information.

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