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The Calculating Algorithm of a Phase Direction-Finder with a Ring Antenna Array without the Central Antenna Element


O. V. Afanasyev, A. D. Vinogradov, I. S. Dmitriev

Article is devoted synthesis and the analysis of algorithm two-dimensional direction-finding for a multichannel phase direction finder with a ring antenna array from N not directed noninteracting antenna elements without the central element. The algorithm of calculation of the Cartesian co-ordinates of a vector of a direction of arrival which is reduced to multiplication of a N-dimensional vector-column of the measured differences of phases of the signals accepted by the antenna elements next on a ring, to a matrix of the size 2N, depending on co-ordinates of antenna elements and frequency of an accepted signal is deduced. The algorithm of the permission of ambiguity of phase measurements is offered. The correlation matrix of errors of the direction-finding caused by errors of measurement of differences of phases is estimated. It is shown, that in case of reception of a signal against isotropic white gaussian noise by means of the N-channel monopulse phase direction finder the algorithm provides a dispersion of errors of direction-finding in the azimuthal plane, corresponding KramerRao to bottom border. At use for this purpose of not monopulse two-channel direction finder with the antenna switchboard, allowing consecutive measurement of differences of phases of the signals accepted by the next antenna elements, takes place loss in the direction-finding sensitivity, increasing with increase in number N of antenna elements. This loss is a payment for decrease in hardware costs and is caused by N-fold increase in necessary duration of contact to a signal at consecutive measurement of differences of phases and elimination inherent in a monopulse method of direction-finding of correlation communications between errors of phase measurements. Work contains 1 drawing and 5 bibliographic sources of the information.

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