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Algorithm of Nonsymultanoeusly Arriving Data Processing in Passive Multiposition Angle Measuring Systems Based on Extended Kalman Filter


V.I. Merkulov, V.S. Chernov, O.E. Radominov

Present an algorithm for estimating the parameters of the moving target`s trajectory in the radio-emitting passive goniometric multiposition systems with asynchronously incoming data from the receiving position with respect to the horizontal plane under the assumption that the trajectory of the target (filtered process) is a linear function of time in rectangular coordinates and measured coordinates of targets are the azimuth, points fixed in space, and rectangular coordinates receiving positions. The used approach is based on the direct use of the primary purposes of measuring the azimuth filtering algorithms, since the azimuth of target is a nonlinear function of components of the state vector and the target grid coordinates receiving positions. For the estimation of the coordinates and parameters of target movement used the extended Kalman filter algorithm that provides consistent use of observations as they come on the point of processing. In addition, an algorithm for the extended Kalman filter when the hypothesis is true rectilinear and uniform motion of targets, carrying out a recursive processing asynchronously received from the receiving position data.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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