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The Invariant Jack Trajectories Instability in Synthetic Aperture Radar


V.N. Antipov, A.A. Gerasimov, D.V. Suhomlinov

The problem of optimum measurement of the parameter representing phase distortions траекторного of a signal at the moment of time t2 concerning any moment of time , consists in the analysis of signals in system consisting of two channels of reception of a signal during these moments of time. Expression for апостериорной density of probability of distribution of parameter Δφ is received and by a finding of its maximum the estimation of phase fluctuations of the reflected signal is formed. The algorithm of work of the invariant jack траекторных нестабильностей consists in weight summation on all channels of a delay of complex products of the signal accepted at the moment of time of measurement, with the in a complex-interfaced signal accepted during the basic moment of time t1, and calculation of a phase error as arctg relations квадратурных components of the received sum. The size of weight factor at summation on all channels of range is defined by correlation function of an undistorted signal and calculated in advance on the basis of form ДН of the aerial, components of speed of the carrier and acceleration of the carrier and capacity of the reflected signal on range channels. Potential accuracy of measurement of phase fluctuations, invariant to capacity of the reflected signal, is reached at combination of the phase centers of two identical diagrams of an orientation. In this case size of an error of an estimation of phase fluctuations inversely proportional to number of channels of range and the relation a signal/noise.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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