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Optimization of Sar Signal Processing in the Forward Coverage Area


А.Yu. Frolov

Now SAR which allow to receive the detailed radar image in side and forward-side review sector are developed. These RADARS for shaping SAR image in sector ±100 do not use, owing to sharp falling of resolution capability. At the same time the solution of such important tasks as: monitoring of underlying surface; search and rescue activities; the fly-around and obstacle avoidance, reset of freights, landing to aerodromes (including UAV), an estimation of meteorological conditions, etc. demands obtaining detailed radar image in forward sector. The main problems of radiovision in forward sector of the review are: falling of resolution capability at reduction of a angle of a sighting of the purpose; ambiguous relation between an angular position on the target and its Doppler frequency. The main problem of radiovision in forward sector of the review is ambiguous relation between Doppler frequency of the purpose and an angular position of the purpose. It is known, that Doppler frequency of the purpose is proportional to cos-function of a angle of a sighting of a plane of a location. As cos function is even, accordingly Doppler frequencies of the signals reflected from the reflecting plant at the left and on the right concerning velocity vector completely coincide. Deployment of this ambiguity is possible by means of time-space handling and trajectory control of the carrier. Optimum time-space handling of signals in forward sector of the review includes a narrow-band Doppler filtration and spacial suppression of a spurious signal. The analysis of resolution capability of SAR mode in forward sector and conditions of X- and K-band radars, working in a condition of a real beam, shows, that aperture synthesising not only ensures quality of the picture comparable to optical systems, but also has doubtless advantage in the plan all-weather and operating ranges.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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