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Medico-Technological Features of Preparation Packed Red Cells from the Filtered Whole Blood


A.G. Gudkov, А.V. Danilova, V.Y. Leushin, S.V. Pozdin, A.F. Chechetkin

In article results of the analysis of technological parameters, quantitative and qualitative structure leukoreduced packed red cells, prepared from whole blood with use of polymeric systems with built in leukofilters. It is estab-lished, that blood conservation in containers with the built in filters essentially slowed down work of a blood donation brigade, increasing general time for preparation of one dose of conservated blood on 35 - 38 %. Such technology demands attraction of the additional medical personnel to blood donation in polymeric containers with built in leukofilters and to preparation of the filtered haemocomponents. It is shown, that use in work of a special rack for leukofiltration is accompanied by increase in speed of a filtration and decrease in losses transfusion means. It is proved, that the filtration of conservated blood allows to receive filtered packed red cells of high quality and corresponding to requirements of national and international standards. Distinctions of values haematological parame ters, filtered packed red cells depending on temperature of storage of whole blood to a filtration it is not revealed.

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