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Investigation of the Biological Effect of Modulated UHF Cell Phone Radiation on Plant and Animal Organisms in Vivo


D.S. Pesnya, A.V. Romanovsky, I.M. Prokhorova, T.K. Artemova, M.I. Kovaleva, A.N. Fomicheva, S.A. Sokolov, E.S. Kondakova, Ch.M. Haluto, K.A. Sheshina, S.A. Vacorin

Currently being developed theories to explain the biological activity of EMR. Was proposed several mechanisms, such as the mechanism of quantum interactions and sharp-resonant interactions. On the basis of existing concepts, we can suppose that, depending on the characteristics of the EMF radiation, which influence to the or-ganism, can occur a variety of effects - from medical to mutagenic. As shown in resent articles, responsible for some violations may be the mechanisms and effects which are still not very well known (the quantum entropy logic; collective interactions; nonlocal interactions; bystander effect and etc.) In this paper presented the studies of the biological effect of UHF radiation producing by wireless communication devices on example of cell phones with characteristics stated by the manufacturer (SAR 1,2 W / kg and 1,4 W / kg). The aim of this study is to investigate in a series of experiments the possible biological activity of UHF radia-tion of cell phones and to evaluate the result of such influence on the hereditary of plant and animal organisms. The estimating was conducted by using modern genetic tests and models. Was applied the ana-telophase chromosome aberration assay and the micronucleus test in root tip meristem of Allium cepa L. (or Allium test) and the method of dominant lethal mutation in fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Beside this we estimated the effectiveness of protective properties of the material, which may to screen UHF radiation. Received data resulted in the following conclusions: In all variants of the experiments was found mutagenic effect of the UHF radiation of cell phones. When duration of exposure 1-3 hours per day UHF radiation of cell phones causes mutagenic effects in Allium cepa and in Drosophila melanogaster when it 3 hours per day. Irradiation by UHF radiation of cell phones induced in Allium cepa root meristem cells appearance of chromosomal brides and fragments - are rude damage of chromosomes structure; and also laggards of chromosomes - consequence of achromatic spindle disturbances. These chromosome abnormalities registered in anaphase and telophase cells. Irradiation by UHF radiation of cell phone also induced in Allium cepa destruction of interphase chromatin and appearance of micronuclei, which are registered in interphase cells. Consequently, the UHF radiation of cell phones causes damages of the DNA in both dividing and non-dividing cells. In experiments on Drosophila melanogaster have shown that UHF radiation of cell phones induces dominant lethal mutations in spermatozoa and this is the reason of appearance of undeveloped eggs. Thus, the UHF cell phones radiation induces chromosomal aberrations in both somatic and germ cells. Frequency of DNA damage increases when up duration of exposure. Levels of the mutagenic effect induced by UHF radiation of cell phones in Allium cepa and Drosophila melanogaster, are identical. Consequently, the UHF radiation of cell phones is equally dangerous for the plant and animal organisms. It should be noted that Allium cepa and Drosophila melanogaster are species which are far apart on the evolutionary ladder, so we may suppose that the UHF radiation of cell phones is a universal mutagen. Also in paper have given a few recommendations to users of wireless devices, how to minimize harmful impacts.

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