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Phase Structure of the Cardiac Cycle from the Viewpoint of «Active Diastole» Theory


I.V. Sokolova

A theoretical aspect of polycardiographic analysis of the phase structure of heart action during the cardiac cycle is considered from the viewpoint of previously developed two-phase model of pulse hemodynamic mechanism - "active diastole" theory. For this purpose, arterial and venous components reflecting pressure pulse of the walls of the artery (а.carotis) and vein (v. jugularis) are identified in the structure of sphygmogram (SFG) of the carotid artery. There are 4 active processes - electric systole of the auricles, electric systole of the ventricles, electric diastole of the auricles and electric diastole of the ventricles - identified and considered in the electrocardiogram (ECG) tracing. The phases of mechanical systole and mechanical diastole of the ventricles in SFG structure are projected onto the elements of ECG morphology. Similarly to mechanical phases of the systole and diastole of the ventricles, mechanical phases of the systole and diastole of the auricles are identified in ECG structure. Such concentration of information about electrical and mechanical phases of systolic and diastolic myocardium action in the elements of ECG structure allows the independent use of this signal for evaluation of myocardium functional condition to significantly increase in value.

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