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Investigation of the B-Alanin Laser Desorption from Asi Surface Using Delayed Extraction Technique


S.N. Zhabin, A.V. Pento, A.A. Grechnikov, S.M. Nikiforov, S.S. Alimpiev

The delayed extraction technique was applied for studying of a novel approach for mass spectrometric detection of organic compounds based on Surface Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (SALDI). b-alanine was used as an analyte, ions were desorbed from surface of amorphous silicon under 0.35 ns pulsed laser irradiation of 355 nm wavelength. It was found that the presence of external extracting electric field has no affect on SALDI process efficiency. Desorbed protonated ions and their fragments have the same mean kinetic energy corresponding to the temperature of amorphous silicon surface heated by the laser radiation and move in a free flight regime when no electrostatic field is applied.

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