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Designing of Intrachamber Devices of the Vacuum Equipment for Non-Polluting and Power Saving up Technologies


V.A. Vasin, E.N. Ivashov, P.S. Kuznetsov, S.V. Stepanchikov

The article deals with design features in-chamber devices, vacuum process equipment, implementing environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies in the production of electronic devices. Presents methods for calculating the coefficients of friction materials, working in a vacuum, depending on the dilution of the environment, for the cases of elastic and plastic contact interaction, as well as the method of calculating the rate of wear of friction pairs, depending on load, micro geometry contact, sliding velocity, the residual pressure in vacuum chamber and the mechanical characteristics of materials. Given the dependence of the formation of a monolayer of molecules on the surface of the body on the degree of vacuum in the vacuum chamber. A description of the developed ultra-high vacuum setup for the investigation of frictional properties of materials and solid lubricant coatings. The results can be used in the process of designing an environmentally perfect vacuum equipment to increase the yield of high-tech products, which is especially relevant for modern energy-saving technologies.

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