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Influence of Parameters of a High-Frequency Current on Result of Thermal Electrocoagulation of Biological Tissue


S.V. Belov, Yu.K. Danilenko, S.M. Nefedov, V.V. Osiko, V.A. Salyuk

At designing new models of high-frequency electrosurgical devices by the important problem the optimum choice of parameters of the target voltage providing effective coagulation of various fabrics and blood vessels is. In article results of experimental researches of influence of parameters of electrosurgical influence on thermal coagulations of biological tissue are resulted. As a result of researches it is established, that in case of breakdown of cellular membranes, durability коагуляционной solderings grows. It is shown, that high-frequency currents with the deep modulation, having high enough amplitudes of the pulses, capable to lead to to breakdown of cellular membranes, possess the best коагулирующими properties. Currents with peak values of pulses below threshold are less effective. At an optimum choice of parameters of modulation durability коагуляционной solderings can grow in 1,6–1,7 times in comparison with action of not modulated currents.

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