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Influence of Medium Chirality on Radiation of a Vertical Electric Dipole


E.A. Shorokhova, M.S. Manakhova

Electrodynamics chiral media and structures is today one of actively developing areas of modern radiophysics. One of features of such structures consists that under certain conditions chirality can result both in gain, and to absorption of electromagnetic radiation in comparison with magnetodielectric (nonchiral) medium. Ability of gain of electromagnetic radiation by chiral medium can be used for designing of effective microwave antennas. Property of absorption is connected with designing prospects nonreflected and masking coverings of aircrafts in the microwave range. Now there is enough considerable quantity of the publications devoted to electrodynamics of chiral media. However the problem about radiation of electromagnetic waves in a chiral medium even by elementary sources in the literature is practically missed. In this paper influence of chirality on the electromagnetic field radiated by an elementary vertical electric dipole was numerically studied. For comparison the electromagnetic fields radiated by a dipole in magnetodielectric (nonchiral) and chiral medium at the same values of geometrical parameters of a problem are calculated. The given results of numerical calculations in the form of graphic dependences of amplitude of electromagnetic field from various parameters of a problem have allowed to compare both distribution and field strength in both cases. In the present paper it is shown, that, choosing definitely geometrical and electrophysical parameters of a problem, it is possible to achieve increasing or decreasing of a radiation field of an elementary electric dipole in any point of space in comparison with a case usual magnetodielectric medium.

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