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Stability of Algebraic Methods of Restoration of Images of Sources with the Raised Resolution


B.A. Lagovsky, А.B. Samokhin

The new algebraic method of reception of the image of objects with the effective angular resolution is offered. It is based on simultaneous orthogonalization systems of the functions describing the decision and the locked-on signal. The received systems allow to present the required decision and an investigated signal in the form of convenient for the analysis and the numerical decision of a inverse problem decompositions. Adequacy and stability of decisions is investigated on mathematical model. It is shown, that stability of decisions, especially at a significant level of casual components, above, than at other algebraic methods. Limiting opportunities of increase in th effective angular resolution depending on a level of random components in used data. Algorithms on the basis of the method, allow to envelope restoration at a signal-noise ratio 13-20 decibel.

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