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Automatic Security Alarm System


R.M. Martirosyan, A.G. Goulyan, H.A. Piroumyan, R.H. Simonyan, A.I. Smolin, A.A. Sanoyan

The automated security system is presented intended for protecting territorial distributed objects against unauthorized persons and motor transport entering. Detection of a violation (irruption) is implemented by using passive transducers (sensors), based on different physical phenomena (magnetic, seismic and detachable), located on potential ways of violators. Signal containing information about violation is immediately transmitted over one of the 640 reprogrammable radio channels to receiving terminal (centralized recording station, repeater and portable receiver). The technical characteristics of the main parts of the security system are briefly described and presented (sensors, transmitter, portable receiver, repeater, the central point of the operator). The principles of organization of fault-tolerant digital radio channel, using convolutional coding and decoding by the Viterbi algorithm are presented. In a table 1 are presented a comparative analysis of the designed system and analogical systems such as “EMIDS”, “Qual-Tron.Inc.” of the USA and “Радиобарьер”-МФ, “ПОЛЮС-СТ” of RR. In conclusion the prospects of the proposed system are noted for the security of protected lines in mountainous territories.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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