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Simulation of Energy Characteristics of Arbitrary Communication and Radar Systems


G.I. Komar'

A mathematical model being used for an arbitrary range (from zero ad infinitum) and its realization for analyzing the energy characteristics of short-wave communication and radar systems has been proposed. The asymmetric wave beams of transmitting antennas have been investigated. The dependence of the relationship of energy, incoming to the transmitting-and-receiving antenna, to the radiated energy upon the range and geometrical sizes of antennas is usually called as a radar “range equation” or “main radar equation”. The closed form relations for calculation of energy characteristics of communication and radar systems used for an arbitrary (focused and unfocused) beam over the whole range have been derived. Main equations derived according to this approach make possible to analyze a variety of designs (including uncommon) of radar systems and radio stations. The converted asymmetric focused and unfocused wave beams of transmitting antennas and communication systems using these beams have been investigated in detail. Several specific transformations of the asymmetric wave beam that are defined by geometrical combination of the transmitter have been analyzed. The most successful combinations of geometrical parameters for communication and radar systems operating in the wave zone of the transmitting and receiving antenna have been defined.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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