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Troitsky’s Experiment as the Evidence of Star Nature of Microwave Cosmic Bsckground


I.A. Urusovskii

Troitsky’s conclusion based on data of his radio physic experiment that cosmic microwave background is caused by summed radia-tion of stars is analyzed and verified in frame of the simplest six-dimensional treatment of the expanding Universe. The cosmological model is taken as the six-dimensional one because a simple treatment of spin and isospin, intrinsic magnetic moment, the fine structure formula, de Broglie waves, Klein – Gordon equation, CPT symmetry, and the principle of uncertainty as well is possible solely for the six-dimensional space. The simplest cosmological model treats the expanding Universe as a three-dimensional sphere appeared as a result of the intersection of three simplest geometrical objects of finite sizes in the six-dimensional Euclidean space – of three uniformly expanding five-dimensional spheres. A scenario in which the speed of elementary particles, including photons, in the six-dimensional space is constant in cosmic time is considered. This scenario corresponds to the energy conservation condition in that space. An account of an increase of speed of light in the actual three-dimensional Universe and its effect on redshift for distant sources and on theoretical redshift dependencies compared with observed data are given. Some difficulties of standard cosmology are resolved on the base of six-dimensional cosmology without use of Einstein’s equations. The six-dimensional cosmology contains only two independent parameters.
May 29, 2020

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