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Anomalistic Magnetoresistance of Two-Dimensional Vanadium Films


V.М. Kuz'menko

The vanadium films were produced in the amorphous state by condensing vapor on a glass surface, cooled with liquid helium and then crystallized during a warming at T≈150 K. Before the evaporation of the metal was begun the pressure in the working cell was ~10 11–10 12 Torr. Magnetoresistance of crystalline vanadium films 10-50 nm thickness is investigated at temperatures 4,2–77 K in magnetic fields up to 4 T. Magnetoresistance is positive always, falls of sharply with increasing temperature and depends on the magnetic field in anomalous way: in the region of classically weak magnetic fields. (Here – the change of resistance of square film in a magnetic fields with induction ). The results agree satisfactorily with the theory of an anomalous magnetoresistance two-dimensional systems, which incorporates a scattering of electrons by superconducting fluctua-tions.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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