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Integrated Monitoring of Lands Underflooding Manifestations by the Aviation Remote Sensing Complex ACRS-30


V.N. Tsymbal, S.Ye. Yatsevich, D.M. Bytchkov, A.Ya. Matveev, A.V. Kabanov

In the paper are analyzed theoretical approaches and results of Integrated monitoring of lands underfloodings manifestations by the side-looking Ka-band radar, an aerial camera and IR scanner of aviation complex of the remote sounding ACRS-30, realized during day and night time of various seasons. The investigated test area is characterizes by presence of various manifestations of underfloodings of a ground and swamping areas expands as a result of a bad state of irrigation system. This manifestations are well observes at the remote images of all bands. Good mutual complements of the optic, IR and microwave data for identification and analysis of underfloodings, and surface floods are indicates. The problem of underfloodings of lands in Ukraine on the scales and dynamics of development has got recently signs of potential threat for places of humans habitation. According to the various estimations underfloodings in Ukraine encompass about 30 % of the population, 60 % of the industrial and city agglomerations, practically all developed mountain-extracting areas and areas of the operating atomic power stations. To solve a problem of the control of underfloodings in full it is possible only at an optimum combination of traditional contact methods of measurements (drilling of chinks) and methods of remote monitoring of underfloodings manifestations with application of air-space remote-sensing instruments of the Earth. The presented in article results of investigations of surface water displays and underfloodings of soil by means of aviation remote sensing and land verification has convincingly confirmed efficiency of use for this combined optic-radar-IR remote sensing. Thus radar means allow irrespective of conditions of light exposure, cloudiness and so forth to find out and map water distribution on a land surface (for example, as a result of flooding), solving the task of operative monitoring of freshet processes. IR data of remote sensing under conditions of carrying out of day and night shooting of the same territories allow to find out and map displays as superficial water, and underground humidifying (underfloodings) of soils. Thermal contrasts of images of zones of flooding on IR images allow distinguishing with high reliability them from other formations. By means of SLR radar information (Ka-band of the radio-waves, which sensitive enough to field vegetation) allow to normalize of the IR images of underflooding zones reducing thus masking influence of vegetation covers which considerably raises reliability of received data. Results of the realized land testing confirm the information on underflooding areas which have been found out at remote aviation sensing.

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