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Laboratory MIMO radar system mock up


S. B. Zaretskiy, Yu. A. Zdanovich, A. S. Sorokin

Specialist from different countries consider MIMO radar system technology to be a perspective development way for radar aids. The essence of this technology is in achieving high values of antenna's synthetic apertures and signal's duration and frequency band which makes possible vast growth of radar's information capacity. Practical use of this breakthrough technology calls for solution to several technical problems. Such as: ensuring precise synchronization between spatially distributed radar elements. Ensuring precise mutual topographic lock-on between radar elements; forming mutually orthogonal signals for all transmitters in the system; development of new algorithms and software; for the tryout of technical solutions listed above, estimation of performance characteristics and for the realizability checkout of the whole MIMO radar concept with the technological base available decision was made to develop and test laboratory MIMO radar mock-up. Results of the work carried out are as follows: laboratory MIMO radar mock-up of limited structure was developed and tested; possibility of achieving performance characteristic higher then in mono-static phased array radar was experimentally proved; experimental data was obtained which can serve as a validated base to form requirements for the positioning, communication and synchronization systems; algorithms of signal extraction against strong passive clutter was tried out; results of MIMO radar mock can be used for the developing of draft proposal for the radars engineered by the enterprise.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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