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Aspects of application and development of Distributed Radar Systems (DRS) technology


A. I. Shatilov

The article is devoted the some aspects of application and development of DRS, which have appreciable advantages over monostatic radars. The DRS abbreviation stands for the system technology, which is briefly as follows: emission, reception and joint processing of the signals distributed in time, frequency and space. To be more specific, the DRS is a radar system, in which transmitting and receiving positions, distributed in space, are used along with a set of coherent signals of broad band and long duration (coherent bundles). Analysis of the problems in the DRS was carried out by means of an abstract mobile DRS designed to control the air space. The main challenges in development the DRS (described in the article) are given below: optimization of the structure and location of positions of mobile PPC on the ground for a particular purpose; binding to the ground position of mobile DRS; synchronization mobile DRS positions in time and frequency; detection of the echo signal at each receiver position in the background clutter signals and direct penetrating of radiation transmission products at their quasi-continuous operation; development of quasi-primary methods of signal processing in a large number of resolution elements in the area of the DRS; identification marks, received from different receivers positions, and the formation of a single measurement; tracking the targets moving along an irregular path. Technical solutions that were tested with the help of the DRS model, operating at the landfill, are proposed for a part of the problems mentioned above.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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