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State, Problems and Perspectives of Radar Astrorefractometry


A. M. Karachevcev

Modern requirenments about accuracy of radar trajectory measurement have increased considerable. Their accuracy depends strongly on radar astrorefractometry accuracy measurement of radiowave propagation in Earth atmosphere on full account and compensation measurement mistakes. Purposes and objects of maded investigations have occurred estimation of astrorefractometry state of modern radar trajectory measurement complex and definition of additional possibilities of more precision estimation influence atmospheric refraction on radiowave propagation across neutral and ionised layers Earth atmosphere. This investigations had allowed to increase accuracy on calculation and compensation of atmospheric refraction during radar trajectory measurement. This promoted inclusion in radar complex structure meteorological and ionospheric measurement apparatures with suitable software for refraction correction calculation for trajectory measurement results. Modern method of compensation corrections calculation of radio wave atmospferic refraction must base on real multilayer standart Earth atmospfere ГОСТ 4401-81 type with utilization measurement results of current significances of atmospferic parameters near Earth surface. A great interest represent is described also in article calculation method with increased accuracy of ionospheric refraction from traectory measurement. This method based on traectory measurement results on UHF and VHF simultaneosly. Further correctness increase of calculation refraction corrections is possible at the expensive of : perfection already calculation method of compensation corrections on influence radiowave atmospheric refraction on time-coordinates measurements, inculcation in radar complex two-chenal regime of time-coordinates measurement of space object, employment during refraction correction calculation of information from navigation system GLONASS, GPS and result of radar complex calibration.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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