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Method of Filtration Multidimensional Diverse of Trajectory Measurements From Polytypic Measurements Means for Formation of Data Instructions on the Target to Means of Trajectory Measuring Complex


V. G. Naidenov, V. I. Polyakov

One of the primary goals solved by automated control systems by trajectory measuring complexes is transfer on watching measuring means of these complexes of data instructions on the target on accompanied flying objects. Such information is necessary for maintenance of trouble-free work of these watching measuring means in a mode of automatic support of a flying objects. In the existing automated control systems by trajectory measuring complexes of data instructions on the target it is developed by selection of the measuring information from one measuring means that does not provide demanded accuracy and reliability of data instructions on the target. For elimination of these lacks it is offered in structure of the automated control system of trajectory a measuring complex to enter the functional program module realising a joint filtration of diverse measurements from all of means of trajectory of a complex, observing at present time an accom-panied flying objects. Therefore in article has been developed the new method of a filtration multidimensional of trajectory measurements which arrive with a various time interval from polytypic measuring means in a real mode of time. This method allows to receive high-precision estimations of parametres movements flying objects, which is the initial information for formation reliable of data instructions on the target to means of trajectory a measuring complex. Realisation of this method in the modern automated control systems will allow to lower an error of data instructions on the target, given out to watching means of trajectory measurements on accompanied flying objects, and, as a whole, to raise reliability of functioning of trajectory measuring complexes.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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