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Features of designing of the vacuum process equipment of the radio-electronic industry


V. A. Vasin, E. N. Ivashov S. V. Stepanchikov

The paper deals with reducing the amount of particulate pollution incident on the products of electronic equipment in their handling, transport and storage interoperational. It is noted that the automation of complex manufacturing processes requires placement of workers in the vacuum volume of mechanical devices, which often become sources of generation of particulate wear in the presence of functional mechanisms of friction units - sliding or rolling. Eliminate the generation of particulate wear of rubbing pairs is possible only if their total exclusion from the process equipment by using various actuators and systems is based on the principle of controlled elastic deformation. An approach to determining the probability that microparticles are situated on the substrate surface is presented. Presents data on the minimum size of the topology of the chip and the corresponding critical size particulate pollution, achieved a number of leading world companies. An expression for determining the coefficient of yield chips according to the criterion «introduced by defects» is proposed. The use of actuators based on controlled elastic deformation of the vacuum technology equipment allows you to create sealed mechanisms for various applications with the complete exclusion of friction pairs of motion, high speed at the level of 0.1 – 0.2 sec. and leads to the absence of defects.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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