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C-, and Ku-Band, Dual-Frequency, Tetra-Channel, Multi-Polarization, Combined Scatterometer-Radiometer System


A. K. Arakelyan, A. A. Arakelyan, A. K. Hambaryan, M. L. Grigoryan, V. V. Karyan, G. G. Hovhannisyan, N. G. Poghosyan, T. N. Poghosyan

Radiophysical methods and means of remote sensing (radars and radiometers, combined radar-radiometers) have wide application for soil, snow and water surface mapping and parameters retrieval. For an unambiguous and accurate retrieval of sea salinity, sea water and near sea surface air temperatures, wind speed and direction, sea wave force, soil and snow moistures and temperatures, snow cover thickness and melting time, precipitation quantity (clouds water content), snowfall and rainfall parameters, a synergy of various kinds of sensors worked at various frequencies and polarizations are welcomed. In this aspect it is important and suitable to develop multi-band complex of polarimetric, combined radar-radiometer systems. In this paper a structure of C- (~5,6 GHz) and Ku-band, dual-frequency, tetra-channel, multi-polarization, spatio-temporally combined scatterometer-radiometer system is described, designed as a part of a multi-band measuring complex of remote sensing for platform application built in Armenia in the framework of ISTC projects A-872 and A-1524. The originality of the developed system is schematic and constructive combination of four Dick radiometers and two polarimetric, pulse-coherent scatterometers with four receivers.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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