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Control Characteristics of Quality in the Production of Multilayered Materials Electronic Equipment Using Electro Plastic Effekt


S.P. Moskvitin, A.P. Pudovkin

A wide variety of bimetal not only in composition but also on the thickness of constituents requires the use of various physical phenomena in nature, methods and tools for monitoring their quality characteristics. Solution of these tasks most efficiently carry out the creation of an integrated method and means of non-destructive testing (NDT) quality characteristics in the process of production bimetals. A new contactless method for continuous monitoring of bond strength bimetal layers in the process of its manufacture, wherein supply and supply current pulses of high density in the zone of plastic deformation of the bimetal registration of the excess temperature at the exit from it, the impact on bimetal point source of thermal energy and the measurement of atmospheric temperature on the lines of control, the definition of electrical resistance of the contact layers of the bimetal by which are judged on the strength of the connection layer. Given the specificity of the object and the need to monitor its diverse physical characteristics, such as the thickness of the original components that make up the bimetal, the bond strength of its fibers and the ratio of their thicknesses, used a combination of different physical methods of nondestructive testing, including laser thickness gauge, eddy current and thermal methods that allow for continuous monitoring of quality characteristics of the bimetal to required accuracy at the time of rolling significantly reduce the longitudinal polythickness, define the boundaries of zones of possible bundles.
May 29, 2020

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