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Radio-Electronic Systems to Control a Fighter – Optimal Criterion of the Minimum Local Functional Quality for in AIRBORNE RADAR Resolution Doppler Elements of Dense Air Targets Based on the Effect Synthetic Aperture Antenna


A. V. Bogoslovskiy, I. V. Zhigulina, O. E. Kopylov, V. A. Yakovlev

Effective way to resolve the elements of multiple air target (MAT) located in the main beam of the antenna of airborne radar fighter, is the use of algorithms, based on narrow-band Doppler filtering of echoes, whose effectiveness is determined by the terms of the radar echoes in the airborne radar fighter. Such conditions are provided by the trajectory control a fighter at the site of his homing for artificially creating the effect of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) antenna. Managing fighter carried out by the appropriate radio-electronic systems to control (RESC). RESC on the basis of the known methods of homing does not always allow for airborne radar fighter conditions required for the radar resolution in the Doppler frequency components of MAT. Development RESC a fighter in order to ensure its airborne radar resolution in the Doppler frequency components of MAT, based on the effect of SAR antenna is as follows: – as criterion of an optimality is chosen the minimum of local quality functional; – defined by differential equations that take into account the trajectory control of a fighter; – particular elements of the state vector, the demanded phase co-ordinates, operated phase co-ordinates, control, a matrix of penalties on value of command signals, efficiency of command signals, penalties on accuracy of tracking are determined; – the analytical expression determining the law of optimum control by side acceleration of a fighter is received; – numerical values of penalty coefficients in a control law are estimated; – developed a dynamic structural scheme of circuit homing fighter at a rate based on the synthesized method; – made a study of quality indicators developed by the dynamic structural scheme; – determine the required values for the parameters of RESC for ensuring its sustainability at the lowest magnitude of the dynamic and fluctuation fluctuation components of error management. The obtained results of simulation developed RESС show sufficient effectiveness of the current value of the angle of target angle by applying synthesized by homing.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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