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Synthesis Algorithm Accompany the Group Maneuvering Air Targets Using Adaptive-Probability Binding Trajectories


A.A. Ivankov

The method of adaptive probabilistic binding trajectories (AVPT) movement of highly maneuverable air targets using information from one board radar, allows for the synthesis algorithm binding measured coordinates with the full uncertainty of their compliance with the trajectory of any of the observed targets. Synthesis tracking algorithm is performed for the ranging channel radar, using the model state is saved on the basis of the adaptive nonlinear model of the target. To identify the parameters of the system of nonlinear differential equations using the method of invariant embedding, which makes it possible to synthesize by lianearizatsii filtering algorithm. Filtering algorithm in conjunction with the algorithm method AVPT form algorithm of the tracking system with AVPT, based on which was built a block diagram of tracking system with AVPT. To check the quality of its functioning simulated work in the company of three maneuvering air targets in conditions where the trajectories of all targets simultaneously pass through a single resolution element in range and azimuth. The si-mulation showed that the synthesized algorithm is able to identify the trajectory of several objectives in terms of their in-tense maneuvering with significant levels of noise measurement.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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