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Algorithm of Functioning of a Radar-Tracking Range Finder of Support of air Courts AutomatedControl Systems of Air Movement at Influence of Hindrances


A.Р. Pudovkin, J.N. Panasyuk, A.V. Zatylkin

In existing land radar stations the EXPERT of the Department of Internal Affairs the hindrances withdrawing on range, repeated pulse, high-frequency noise are not found out, the probability of failure of a mode of support on range therefore is great. A lack of modern watching radar-tracking range finders is small time of memory (an order 3) in the absence of signals of measurement of range, and consequently, and a low noise stability of tracing of co-ordinates. Preferable variant of the decision of the given problem is synthesis of watching devices the EXPERT of the Department of Internal Affairs according to a trajectory of movement of an air target with use of the information of its spatial position (the module of speed of purpose , a corner of inclination , travelling corner ). The information on spatial position of an air target can be received from is discrete-address systems of an information transfer. On the basis of models of a condition and supervision models the noiseproof recurrent algorithm of a radar-tracking range finder is received. Imitating modelling on the COMPUTER of a radar-tracking range finder in the conditions of hindrances is spent and at performance by the purpose of maneuver "bend" for research of real accuracy of estimations of phase co-ordinates. The analysis of results of modelling has shown, that the radar-tracking range finder provides high accuracy, stability and a noise stability of watching control systems with air movement by working out of algorithm of a filtration of a radar-tracking range finder at support of air targets with use of the information of their spatial position.

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