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Analysis of Work Data Processing Algorithms in Navigation Systems of Mobile Ground Objects with Integrity Control Navigational Software by Statistical Computer Simulation


A.V. Ivanov

Synthesis of complex optimal algorithm for processing signals in complex navigation systems of mobile ground objects, comprising of an equipment receiving signals from satellite radionavigation systems, inertial navigation system, barometric altimeter of movement are made by methods of Markov theory for optimal random process. Syntheses problem statement is settled. Mathematical models are recorded for: signals at the input of equipment receiving signals from satellite radio-navigation systems, inertial navigation system, barometric altimeter and the gauge of speed of movement. The particularity of «useful» signal presentation at observing satellite radio-navigation systems is entering a constant error for relative height conditioned by imperfect data about coordinates of navigational spacecrafts as well as conditions of radio wave propagation from them to the mobile ground objects. Are received complex optimum algorithms of processing of the information allowing in addition realize in the normal duty a navigational support integrity control using data from barometric altimeter are obtained. Synthesized optimal complex algorithm verification is conducted by the way of statistical computer simulation. The obtained results confirm a possibility of revealing a fact of breaking of navigational support integrity.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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