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Spur Chart – Algorithmic Approach with IF Get on Harmonic RF and LO


V.I. Loginov

Functional stage design is a main stage of design nonlinear converters. A basic problem is to define frequency distribution with out spurs needed order. Modern technique of transmission signals can use mixing and multiplying frequencies jointly in integrated devices. It desire new methods of analyze frequency convertors. As known, in spur charts, spurious lines cross desired IF output line in spurious points. Spurious points are subseries of Farey series. Farey series are sequence of simple fractions. Shown, numerator and denominator of Farey fraction uniquely determinate spur point and all spurious lines in that point. Farey series methodic is at the heart of that algorithmic approach. The effectiveness of this approach is at least one order compared with the full brute force methods spurious analysis in solving problems of analyze and optimization frequency distribution.

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