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The Robust-adaptive Amplifier-Limiter


A.V. Ovsyannikov

In radio engineering equipment wide application is found by non-linear elements, realizing amplification-limiting. In many cases these elements possess the robastic properties, i.e. they are elements adding to the device stability to action noise in the set class. Effective also there is an adapting of parameters of the nonlinear amplifier-limiter to noise parameters. In article synthesis and the analysis of the nonlinear device – the robust-adaptive amplifier-limiter (RAAL), a wide class steady against action powerful nongaussian noise is leaded. For definition of a class of noise is offered the system of limitations in the form relations cumulants, which allows to describe with any degree of accuracy non-Gaussian distributions. "Worst" is defined in a class distribution. It is shown that limiting distributions in the considered class it Gaussian and Laplace. The controlled amplifier-limiter allows theoretically correctly to enter leaded synthesis RAAL into structure of radio- and the electrotechnical device. Practical implementation of function RAAL can be realized with controlled differential amplifier-limiter. The dispersion and excess of "worst" distribution in class are defined. The method of an empirical functional receives adaptive algorithms of adjustment RAAL. Structure RAAL is synthesised. Simulating of work RAAL together with the demodulator of аn informational signal is leaded. Results of simulating confirm effi-ciency of usage RAAL in relation to the linear demodulator and in case of adaptive adjustment of its parameters at action of a wide class non-Gaussian noise.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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