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Optimum Reception of Signals in Conditions of Handicapes


V.V. Zimin

The brief description of principles of work and results of research spectral and compensation ways of transfer and reception of the digital information, possessing by a high noise stability on a background of a handicap which spectrum is blocked with a spectrum of a signal is given. According to offered way of transfer and reception digital information to transmitting party the information divide into digital groups, each digital group will transform to Walsch function with the set basis and duration, multiple to number of the periods. On the reception party at a spectral way of reception find the maximal factor of decomposition in Fourier number on system of Walsch functions of a signal in a mix with noise and on it restore transmitted digital group, repeating process for each of the following time intervals, and at compensation reception make subtraction from a signal with noise of harmonics of Walsch functions of the same basis and duration, define effective value of a subtraction voltage a signal, find the channel with the minimal value subtraction voltage, and on it define number of Walsch function and transmitted digital group. It is shown, that offered ways of reception are optimum and on a noise stability are similar to the correlation receiver. Methods of increase of a noise stability of the offered ways of transfer and reception of the digital information are considered, allowing to surpass parameters of the correlation receiver owing to their complex application.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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