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Decision support system at estimation robustness on-board radio and electronic complex


V. N. Efanov, A. V. Bondarev

In problem of the study robustness on-board radio and electronic complex important importance has an estimation to abilities electronic device to save their own features in condition beforehand unknown external and internal indignations. In given article is considered problem of the development decision support system, allowing value робастность systems of the named class in step of scheme of the technical of the designing to the main standard state of working with reference to. Since one of the aspect of the procedure of the designing is impossibility to calculate the behaviour BRES in all condition of the using and for all state of working, that is taken into account only that ensemble variant conditions of the using and state of working, under which BRES as a whole capable with determined by efficiency to execute the deliver problems. The Rest variants form the ensemble an нерасчетных conditions of the operation, for which parameters of the external ambience and features BRES are vague. The Specified circumstance enlarge the degree to uncertainties of the conditions, in which new BRES. On the other hand, validity of the choice of the optimum variant, realized in condition of the uncertainties, depends on volume of objective information comparatively characteristic under development BRES. For reduction of the risk of the choice of the unsatisfactory variant to procedure of the estimation must precede the stage of the analysis characteristic designed BRES. Moreover volume of the conducted studies must provide the reduction to uncertainties in estimation his(its) characteristic before level, allowing realize the motivated selection. Thereby, collection analysed design alternatives enlarges to account experiment, which can be realized for increase the volume to reliable information on designed complex, as well as to account possible result like experiment that enlarges and without that high dimensionality of the problem of the designing. This circumstance defines need of the development corresponding to algorithm, on base which is offered SPPR when designing BRES in condition of the uncertainties. The Formalization of the procedure of the choice of the optimum look and optimum plan of the experimental studies in process схемотехнического designing BRES is directed on that to regularize the actions of the designer, reveal the objective nature of its preferences and increase on this base of the possibility in reliable estimation proposed variant. Is it For this purpose designed methods of the choice of the optimum variant and optimum sequence experiment, directed on study characteristic under investigation variant. Stated in given article approach allows greatly to shorten computing expenseses since does not require frequentative calculation for different combinations running parameter, and can be used for making SPPR for designing complex BRES.

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