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The formation of nano- and microstructures in LiNBo3 crystal with charge transfer processes



Experimentally provided are the images of potential image recording relief on a lithium niobates crystal LiNbO3+0.1at.% Mn and the dependence of distribution of a tangential component of the electric field in the near-surface crystal layer. It is shown that inlithium niobates crystals of congruent stochiometric composition and in lithium niobates crystals LiNbO³+0.1%(at.)Mn polarons with activation energy En=0.3-0.46 eV essentially contribute into their electrical conductivity. It was established that in the temperature range of 3070 °C the conductivity provided by the small radii polarons occurs which refers to the most distinct phase contrast appearance, and providing temperatures of 80120 °C the polarons collapse and, accordingly, the recorded images vanish. In the process of electric conductivity and thermo-optical images fixation within the temperature range 2090 °C the polarons produced due to so-called anti-structural defects, i.e. the defect type of Nb-ion, are determinative. The research experiments carried on z-component of electric field gradient surface and the surface potential of lithium niobates crystals with Yan-Teller’s ions of Ni³+ and Fe2+ inside demonstrate the presence of minute charged structure similar to that one in lithium niobates crystals with recorded image (LiNbO3+0.1at.% Mn). The electroconductivity process effects studied in a lithium niobates crystal give the opportunity of producing new media with nano-anisotropy of electro-optical and other properties.
May 29, 2020

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