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Emission Properties of Linear – Chain Carbon


Khvostov V.V., Babaev V.G., Guseva M.B., Savchenko N.F., Streletskii O.A., Korobova Yu.G., Aleksandrov A.F.

Emission properties of linear–chain carbon cold cathode was studied. On the basis of carbon microfibers and powder prepared from them, a cold cathode with a current-voltage characteristic corresponding to the Schottky law was made. The work function LCC cathod equal to 0.43 eV at zero applied field and 0.27 eV at 2000 V/mm. The structure of fibrous and powder of LCC and its changes in the process of forming and annealing. It is shown that the determining factor in the reduction of work function LCC is the formation of nanoparticles with disoriented shot carbon chains

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